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Lawson Wulsin, MD, is recruiting volunteers to talk with him about how a secret has had a formative effect on your life. You should be 18 or older, willing to participate in a 2-hour initial interview, and possibly participate in follow-up interviews. 

Contact Dr Wulsin at
513 558 5192 or

Find out more about the participant experience by reviewing the Consent Form, or Recommended Readings.

What drove Albert Einstein in 1902 to deny the existence of his daughter Liesrl?  How did he and his wife Maleva Maric choose to abandon their first child, successfully hiding her birth and her existence from his family, their friends, their two sons, and several biographers until 31 years after Einstein’s death?  Walter Isaacson, Einstein’s most recent biographer and author of Einstein, His Life and His Universe, remains baffled by this secret in Einstein’s life. Our most celebrated physicist of the twentieth century proved to be uncommonly clever and tenacious about guarding this family secret, one both he and Maric guarded to their deaths in spite of their wrenching divorce and his disloyalties to her. What made this secret worth such unfailing loyalty?  

Impressive secrets make news. And revelations raise fascinating questions about the mystery, the universality, and the power of secrets to shape lives. An accomplished actress, soccer mom to three teenage daughters, and wife to a physician is arrested and revealed to have lived under the alias Sarah Jane Olson for 23 years, a fugitive from charges of terrorism. A happily married Episcopal bishop and father of seven, Paul Moore, concealed his gay love affair of twenty years for the duration of his illustrious career. How many successful people harbor secrets which, if revealed, could ruin their careers? How does one secret beget another? What kinds of people have a talent for concealing?

Through creative non-fiction narratives The Lives of Secrets aims to explore and uncover the lives of formative secrets—how they begin, how they develop, how they shape and reveal character, and how they are disclosed. No single story captures the whole picture, but as a collection these ten stories will show us key dimensions of the psychology of secrets. 

Information about Dr. Wulsin's new book, The Lives of Secrets