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next book,
The Lives of Secrets.
“A significant work
on perhaps the most
important public health
issue of our time.”


Has a secret
shaped your life?
Lawson Wulsin, MD, is recruiting volunteers to talk with him about how a secret has had a formative effect on your life. You should be 18 or older, willing to participate in a 2-hour initial interview, and possibly participate in follow-up interviews.

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Lawson R.Wulsin, MD
Treating The Aching Heart: A Guide to Depression, Stress, and Heart Disease will bring you up to date on the current scientific debates about the interplay between depression and heart disease. It will tell you what you as a patient, family member, friend, or interested clinician can do to get or provide help. 

Why is depression bad for heart disease? 
And how does heart disease
contribute to depression? 
And why is treatment for depressed people with heart  disease so often inadequate?